b.l.o.w. Discography
  • The Legalise It EP

    This first release was really a demo tape, made available via the fan club (b.l.o.w. having inherited a number of Little Angels fans).

    It is named after the Peter Tosh song, "Legalise It", which the band covered on this EP.

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  • Man & Goat Alike

    The first "proper" release. Issued through the band's own Cottage Industry label in 1994, this 'mini-album' was dominated with Hendrix-esque riffs, but also showed other aspects of this new band off, such as the album closer, the acoustic & slide-drenched "Dred Indian Blues".

    Reportedly recorded almost live over just 4 days, it set the band's agenda & marked their intentions.

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  • Legboot

    Legboot is made up of a series of live recordings from the band's"Summer Shrooming" tour of 1995.

    A handful of tracks recorded at various venues issued together in a fan-only release.

    This was released on cassette only via the fan club, and features a hand drawn cover by Bruce.

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  • Angel Sitting In A Tree

    7" only single released prior to PIGS, featuring a studio recording of "I See An Angel Sitting In A Tree Outside My Window", which had become a staple part of the band's set on tour, backed by "Taylor's Folly" from the Legalise It EP.

    An extended mix of the track appears on the "Come Together UK" compilation CD, with the only other version on the live "Legboot" Fan Club only tape.

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  • Shroomin' At Moles

    Another live recording, this time released as a 4 track "Live Single", again through cottage industry, and destined to music stores, rather than fan club only.

    Although, it was denied eligibility for the Top 40 on the grounds that the overall length (at 25 minutes+) exceeded the allowed length for a single.

    The CD featured a tour list for July '95 - promoting the band's live shows at the same time.

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  • Mushroom Tea

    A single release from "Pigs" a straight single release of "Mushroom Tea" backed by "Dead Man Face".

    As per the album, only Dave, Bruce & Jim are credited as band members, with Reaks & Bowes credited as additional musicians.

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  • PIGS

    The first, and only, full album. Whilst "Man & Goat Alike" evoked a Hendrix-y loose blues feel, this offering was tinged with a more Doors-y sound from Jimmy's keys & featured extended jams such as "Kill Yourself (and learn by your mistakes)".

    Curiously, the only listed personell on the liners (and photos) were Bruce, Jimmy & Dave. A nod to session musicians for bass & drum work indicated that Mark & Nicky had left the fold prior to the recording of PIGS...

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  • Kiss Like Concrete

    Single release from PIGS, Kiss Like Concrete was the album's lead track.

    Issued in a simple card case decorated with rubber stamp artwork, the single featured the title track, a remix of it, and "Take It Like A Mad Man", unavailable elsewhere (but you can listen to it here).

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  • Come Together: UK

    A 1996 compilation release featuring several British rock bands of the mid 90s, including The Wildhearts, Headswim, Paradise Lost, and b.l.o.w.'s former bandmate Toby Jepson.

    b.l.o.w. contributed "Angel Sitting In A Tree"

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  • Long Agos & Worlds Apart

    This tribute album was released on Nice Records in 1996 to raise money for Small Faces founder Ronnie Lane.

    By January 1997 it had raised more than £60,000 for Ronnie and even made the compilation album top 20 in the UK.

    b.l.o.w. contribute a cover of "It's Too Late"

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  • Valv1

    Valv1 was b.l.o.w.'s long form video, distributed via the fan club.

    This incredibly, insanely rare home video, Valv1 is a weird, inexplicable, and obviously intoxicated stroll through the band's existence.

    Combining specially filmed material with home camcorder footage from tour & studio, Andrew Bridge pieced together this 24 minute film for the band, and you can now watch it online over at the video page.

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