b.l.o.w. videos
Here's some videos of b.l.o.w. in action. There's a little bit of cheating going on as most the performances are taken from the full length Valv1, which is also present here.
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  • Taylor's Folly

    A full performance of Taylor's Folly (released on the "Legalise It" EP & the B-side to "Angel Sitting In A Tree") taken from the Valv1 tape.

    The song the band launch into at the end is "Yer Blues" by The Beatles, but sadly not included in its entirety.

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  • MTV Interview & Dred Indian Blues (acoustic)

    Dave & Bruce are interviewed by Vanessa Warwick for MTV's Headbanger's Ball on the release of "Man & Goat Alike".

    There's also an acoustic performance of "Dred Indian Blues".

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  • Valv 1

    Valv1 was b.l.o.w.'s long form video, distributed via the fan club.

    This incredibly, insanely rare home video, Valv1 is a weird, inexplicable, and obviously intoxicated stroll through the band's existence.

    Combining specially filmed material with home camcorder footage from tour & studio, Andrew Bridge pieced together this 24 minute film for the band, more info and artwork is here.

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  • Bump It

    Footage of b.l.o.w. at work, recording the track "Bump It" or their mini album, "Man & Goat Alike" at Jacob's Studios, Surrey.

    This is culled from the Valv1 tape.

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  • Blues Jam

    An un-named blues tune, also culled from the full length "Valv1"

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